Your Vision for Your Community

Do you dream of running an organization that is filled with engaged, invested, high-performing employees?  Would that help you achieve goals and grow your business? 

We help you to build your vision, mission, and values into a living strategy to attain your goals.  We empower your leadership with governance and executive decision-making best practices.

Your Processes and People

As a leader in business, going from aspiration to actuality is difficult. Leaders and employees of nonprofit organizations are pulled in different directions to fulfill the obligations of their positions.

We help you formulate compliant, useful systems and processes. We empower your vision with stakeholder leadership and buy-in: prospects, constituents, donors, recipients, clients, staff, community, and vendors.

Your Clients and Community

Effective communication- it’s how you get people behind your cause, raise awareness, engage volunteers, stimulate giving, access donors, and, most importantly, connect with your community and the world.   

We drive your communication strategy from websites to events to newsletters and mailings and enliven your grant and fundraising efforts including, products and services.


Know thyself (nosce te ipsum)

You only control that which you know. We build status reporting from carefully crafted budgets and revenue pipelines. You see your world via your unique key performance indicators (KPI) and dashboards. We streamline your administrivia with efficient best practices applicable to your size and scope. We enhance cash flow and rationalize expenses to meet your goals.

We Collaborate

WW Consulting Role

  • Develop project work plan and budget
  • Accomplish preliminary organizational materials review and any related organizational research
  • Prepare for, conduct and document all facilitated meetings
  • Support you in accomplishing contextual research, developing documents, etc.
  • Communicate and counsel with stakeholders to implement strategy


Your Organization’s Role
  • Build your strategy
  • Compose planning team; assign primary project liaison
  • Participate in all meetings
  • Accomplish agreed upon assignments
  • Celebrate wins

Next Steps…

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