Meet William Welch, MPS

William is a business transformation leader, specializing in building customer-centric business processes – guiding your organization through executive vision to full execution. From due diligence to customer service, he specializes in reversing inefficiencies, introducing best practices, and understanding key stakeholders. You can rely upon his professional experience to further your services and build an excellent business architecture for both domestic and international development.  The key component for William’s success is caring for both people and the business behind each organization under his care.

From the Peace Corps in Lesotho to building the Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program, William has put his masters in International Agriculture and Rural Development from Cornell toward building communities serving the environment and the most disadvantaged. He can build consensus or software systems. He can support your organization to align processes with staffing, design success metrics, or develop revenue enhancing strategies.

Debra Owens

Meet Debra Owens
Database Expert

Debra is a former medical researcher and analytical chemist with a keen eye for detail. She is able to pick through database errors and redundancies quickly and meticulously, giving clear, understandable information where needed.

Meet Jannetta Lamourt
Communications/Marketing Expert

Results driven career in digital and multichannel marketing, relationship marketing, advertising, database management and communications. Deep experience strategically positioning companies with analysts, investors, media, and all other relevant stakeholders. Also known for her love of coffee -any time of the day or night


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